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Find the Secret to Happiness

The pursuit of happiness is so highly valued that it’s even written into America’s Declaration of Independence. While there’s nothing wrong with wanting to be happy, as believers we must understand that chasing after what the world says will make us happy (beauty, possessions, relationships) will actually end up leaving us empty. Instead we need to look to the truths found in Scripture for what God says will make us happy–and Harvest Ministries wants to help you discover what those truths are.

Harvest Ministries is committed to helping people know God and make Him known. That is why we have developed the free, Happiness Online Course, taught by pastor, author, and evangelist Greg Laurie.

Through the practical, biblical principles taught in this seven-session series, you will learn to find true lasting happiness in a relationship with Jesus Christ and experience the joy that comes from loving others.

This free online course is delivered by e-mail, one lesson per week. Each week, you’ll receive video teaching, reflection questions, and memory verses for deeper study.

You will come out of this seven-week course knowing how to be a truly happy person.