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As Believers, We Are All Called to Discipleship

The Great Commission not only calls for believers to preach the gospel, but it also it commands every follower of Jesus to go and make disciples. But as Pastor Greg will show us throughout this course, we can only take others as far as we ourselves have already gone. In other words, to be a disciple-maker, you must first be a true disciple yourself.

That is why Harvest Ministries has developed the free online course Discipleship: The Road Less Taken, taught by pastor, author, and evangelist Greg Laurie. It is our desire that by learning to love Jesus more than anyone or anything else, taking up the cross to follow Him daily, and learning to read, study, and live according to the Word of God, you will not only know God better—but develop habits that will make you a genuine disciple who shines as an example of Jesus in a dark world.

This free online course contains video teaching, reflection questions, and a memory verse for deeper study.

You will come out of this course knowing how to follow Jesus as a real disciple and excited to experience the blessing of discipling others.